Thursday, October 10, 2013

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Higher Education and Development

Critique Ferozepur Chapter, Philosophical Society organized a seminar on "National Assessment Accreditation Council (N.A.A.C.), Higher Education and Development" Gurjeet, Manpreet, Gursimran, Sharanjeet and Ramandeep of B.A.I year deliberated on the issues and initiatives of NAAC, Bangalore towards quality education in the country. The students said that the idea to have an assessment and accreditation from an agency from outside certainly initiate a lot of activities within an institution, which applies for the assessment and accreditation, There are different ways of looking at the agency and its works. It is no denying fact that it is good idea to have an assessment body for the quality check of education for Universities and colleges but simultaneously there should be a body to assess the Government’s responsibilities towards its stakeholders in the arena of education. How to move forward and ensure quality education in the educational institutions and what constructive role government can play in ensuring quality education to all the students of this country. When there is a ban for more than twelve yearn on any fresh appointments in government colleges and government aided colleges in Punjab, how to meet the teacher student gap are also the issues one cannot sideline. What are the initiatives of the state government on providing the scholarships to the poor students of the country, to ensure them quality higher education are also the issues which should be addressed urgently. Dr. Madhu Prashar, principal of the college highlighted on the various activities concerning Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, Research, Consultancy and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Student Support and Progression Governance, Leadership and Management, Innovations and Best Practices offered by the college. She also extended thanks to the UGC for continuously providing grants for setting up infrastructure and introducing new courses at the college. Dr. Prashar also briefed the students about the large number of scholarships being provided to the deserving and economically weak students in the college. On the occasion, College Steering Committee Coordinator for NAAC Dr. Ambuj Sharma, and Prof. S.S. Sandhu, Head, Post Graduate Department of Mathematics also shared their concerns and ideas. Members of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell and around five hundred students participated in the seminar.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seminar on 'Shiksha Ke Prati Udaseenta'/ 'Indifference towards Education' Organized by Valmiki Ambedkar Foundation under AADHAS Bharat, India, at Lucknow University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (29 September, 2013)

Students and their family members from the Safai Kamgaar Samaj, of Uttar Pradesh have send a strong message that despite challenging social and economic conditions, they are determined towards their right and interest towards education. A large number of students from the Safai Kamgaar Samaj stunned the resource persons and other participants with their commitment, reflection and their family’s struggle towards their education. They lauded the efforts and encouragement of Shri Darshan Ratna Raavanji, Chief AADHAS Bharat who they find is continuously encouraging them and the society towards education by organizing Education seminars which are providing a huge platform of creative learning and a better understanding. In the seminar, two students (brother and sister of a retired person) from the Safai Kamgar Samaj, narrated a disappointing and sad experience. Despite hard work and success in the school examination, the students of the Samaj from Lucknow even after scoring 90%-92% in the senior secondary examination are running from post to pillar to secure financial assistance for their higher studies. While sharing their achievements they could not help crying bitterly, sharing their father’s inability to pay huge fees for higher education of their choice. On the occasion Darshan Ratna Raavanji provided a sum of rupees twenty five thousand as help for their education. He was still doubtful whether the two children would find the required help from any other quarter. Students and faculty of Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, large number of students from Safai Kamgar Samaj, Uttar Pradesh, along with their families participated in the Seminar on "Shiksha Ke Prati Udaseenta/ Indifference towards Education", organized by the Valmeki Ambedkar Foundation under Aadi Dharam Samaj, AADHAS Bharat, India, at the Lucknow University, Uttar Pradesh on 29th September, 2013. Under the initiatives and guidance of Shri Darshan Ratna Raavanji, Chief, AADHAS Bharat, the seminar provided an opportunity to all the participants to critically reflect on the idea and significance of education and the challenges being faced by the children of the Samaj. The seminar provided the college students a new relationship with AADHAS family. They were highly inspired by the kind of dialogue they were part of and were surprised and disappointed that such kind of a critical dialogue and reflections towards women and their education is missing in other societies. ADDHAS model of seminar is really effective and significant to promote education, equality and harmony in society. A number of students from the college as well as other participants shared their views and experiences. In the Seminar Shri Darshan Ratna Raavanji, Chief AADHAS Bharat, Prof. N.K. Pande, Department of Physics, Lucknow University, Lucknow, Prof. Lallan Singh Baghel, Department of Philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh, Mrs. Divya Godara, Mr. Rajeev Godara, Advocates Punjab and Haryana High Court, Chandigarh, Ambuj Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, Punjab, Dr. Surekha Purusharthi, Scholar, Delhi University as resource persons shared their experiences and thoughts with the participants.