Wednesday, March 16, 2011

‘Reading Philosophical texts for Hope: Idea of Public Sphere in the Era of Globalization’ (08.03.2011)

‘Reading Philosophical texts for Hope:
Idea of Public Sphere in the Era of Globalization’

Department of Philosophy, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City, Punjab organized the Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) sponsored periodical Lecture on the theme ‘Reading Philosophical Text for Hope: Idea of Public Sphere in the Era of Globalization’ on 8th March, 2010 at the Seminar Hall of the campus..
Dr. Lallan Singh Baghel from philosophy department, Panjab University delivered the lecture. Around 400 hundred students from philosophy and other departments of the college attended and participated in the discussion followed by the lecture.
In the first session Ms Sukhdeep Kaur, President Philosophical Society of the college along with Ms Rupinderjeet Kaur, Head Girl of the college and Ms Bhawana Munjal Vice President of the Philosophical Society, Ms Amandeep Kaur, General secretary of the Philosophgical society of the college and Dr. Ambuj Sharma, faculty, Department of Philosophy presented bouquet to the resource person.
Dr. Lallan Singh Baghel congratulating the participants of the Women’s Day raised the issues and concerns of the Public Sphere and Globalization with the participants. He started his presentation by defining the concept of Globalization and said that globalization is not at all the same as it appears. It centers on profit dynamics which sidelines the holistic growth of the society. Pointing on the concept of Knowledge lallan informed the participants about Plato’s views. He said that Plato held that ‘Knowledge is justified true belief’ and asked the participants to distinguish between knowledge, opinion and wisdom. He also brought the discussions of Richard Rorty about philosophy and said that Rorty focused that philosophy or any other discipline should not be confined to the parameters of its subject matter but rather work out for the development of a just society. Lallan speaking about the public sphere said that “public sphere is a sphere where every human individual carries his or her life, sometimes as a thinking being and sometimes as vegetables” Supporting his arguments he gave an example of Bhagat Singh the martyr and his opinion about the public sphere. He said that Bhagat Singh wanted a just society and adopted a method of critical reasoning in understanding human life and society.
Lallan insisted that philosophy is a critical enquiry into the nature of reality therefore formation of public sphere is essential for questioning the various issues for a better society. Lallan also philosophically explored the concepts of rights, civil society and its implications in the contemporary society. He said that the task of philosophy is to engage in dialogue about the different affairs of the world and form public opinion on grounds of reason and justice for a formation of a just society. The lecture was well received by the participants and many questions were asked by Ms Amandeep, Ms Bhawna, Ms Neha and Ms Satwant of the college. Dr. Narinder Kaur, Ms Satwant Kaur and Ms Paramveer Kaur from Punjabi Department, Ms Rubal from Economics Department, Ms Kanchan Narang From History Department, Dr. Suman Sharma from Sanskrit Department and Ms Savita fro Commerse Department also participated in the seminar. The proceedings of the lecture were conducted by Dr. Ambuj Sharma, Head, Department of Philosophy while the vote of thanks was extended by Ms Sukhdeep Kaur, President Philosophical Society of the College.
The lecture was followed by “Professor Daya Krishna Philosophy Awards” in which the students who presented papers at various students and national seminars along with the office bearers of the Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society, Ms Sukhdeep Kaur, President, Philosophical Society Ms Karamjeet, Co-coordinator,Ms Daljeet Kaur Co-coordinator, Ms Ramanpreet Kaur, Co-coordinator, Ms Bhawna Munjal, Vice President, Ms Ramanveer, Vice President, Ms Prabhpreet Kaur, Vice President, Ms Sumanpreet, Vice President, Ms Adeshbeer, Vice President, Ms Amandeep kaur, General Secretary, Ms Amrit Kaur, General Secretary, Ms Ramandeep kaur, General Secretary, Ms Amanjotpreet Kaur, General Secretary, Ms Amrit, Joint Secretary, Ms Kirandeep, Joint Secretary, Ms Mandeep, Joint Secretary, Ms Manjinder, Joint Secretary, Ms Jagpreet, Joint Secretary, Ms Sapanpreet, Public Relation Officer, Ms Komalpreet, Public Relation Officer, Ms Kamalpreet, Public Relation Officer, Ms Jassandeep, Public Relation Officer, Ms Sumit, Public Relation Officer along with Ms Manpreet, Ms Rajwant, Ms Bhanu Priya, Ms Amandeep, Ms Neha, Ms Amritpal, Ms Pradeep, were felicitated with the Professor Daya Krishna Philosophy Awards by College Management Secretary, Mr. M. R. Manchanda and Dr. Lallan Singh Baghel. A small cultural programme was also organized by the department students.
On the occasion Dr. Ambuj Sharma presented the Annual Department Report 2011. The event was followed by a small tea party managed by the department students.