Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Debating Live in Relationship in India: Some reflections

“Debating Live in Relationship in India: Some Reflections”

Philosophical Society, A Students Discussion Forum of Dev Samaj College for Women organized a student’s seminar on the topic
“Debating Live in Relationship in India: Some Reflections”. In the seminar, Prabhdeep of B.A.Final year, Gurmeet, Navneet, Gurpreet, Ramandeep and Sharandeep of B.A. Second year and Manpreet of B.C.A. Second year discussed the debate of Live-in Relationship with over 300 students and faculty of the college.
In the first session, which was chaired by the college principal Dr. Madhu Prashar, Prabhdeep highlighted the very nature of live in relationship. She said “There is a certain section of youngsters which are getting attracted towards the concept, which seems to be more libertarian in nature, but the question is do such relations always carry a sense of responsibility towards each other”.
She further lamented on the condition of the children which are brought up by such couples. She said that “children brought up by these couples would certainly be much insecure than the children brought by the married couples”.
Gurmeet in her presentation said that in country like India, where the love marriages are still not largely accepted, what can be the fate of the Live in Relationship?
Manpreet in her address said that “the very essence of marriage is adjustment and understanding which cannot be expected from the Live-in Relationship.
Ramandeep and Sharandeep raised their concern on the sensitivity and emotions involved by an individual in a Live-in Relationship as compared to that of marriage. They agreed on the fact that ‘marriage’ provides more social, economic and legal securities than the live-in relationship.
In the second session college Principal Dr. Madhu Prashar outwardly rejected the very concept of Live-in-Relationship and said that in India there is a very strong base of the joint family culture which continues to strengthen the values of responsibility. Marriages would still be the first priority of young generation than the Live-in Relationship.
In the last session Sapanpreet, Rupinderjeet, Impinder, Popsy, Sheenam and Shikha raised significant questions.
Rupinderjeet while supporting the ‘Live in Relationship’ argued that, “If two persons wants to live their life through mutual consent than it is not necessary that they have to take permission from the society, follow any traditional norms or knock the door of courts. There should not be any moral policing on their relations. A person should exercise the right to life and to live with anyone of one’s choice. Taking a certificate from any authority does not guarantee the morality and security of a relation. Even there are many cases which are reported in the courts where people are not happy with their married life.” She further said that “so what is harm if somebody wants to go for live in relationship?”
Ambuj Sharma of the Department of philosophy gave the vote of thanks and highlighted on the forth coming events, to be organized by the Philosophical Society.