Friday, May 1, 2009

Gandhi and Binayak Sen: Satyagraha and Politics of Salwa Judum

Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society: A Students Discussion Forum of the Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City, Punjab organized a discussion on the theme “Gandhi and Binayak Sen: Satyagraha and Politics of Salwa Judum” in the college campus. The session was presided by the college principal Dr. Mrs. Madhu Prashar. Amongst the speakers Amandeep Kaur , President of Philosophical Society, Rupinder Kaur, Sapanpreet Kaur, Sukhdeep Kaur, Gurpreet Kaur, Daljeet Kaur and Poonam shared their insights and views with the students and faculty of the campus.
In the first round of discussion Amandeep said that “Gandhi was a man of ideals and principles who inspired the generations of our country. His method of ‘satyagraha’, peaceful resistance not only helped to solve many problem of the country but also restored back the strength to Human Rights.” She further said that the on going news about Dr. Binayak Sen’s arrest and detention in the leading newspapers of the country has diverted her attention towards understanding the whole issue. She asserted that the nation wide protest for Dr. Binayak Sen arrest is just and he should be granted bail considering his previous records and service to society.
Rupinder said that Dr Sen has been contributing theoretical papers to books and journals on public health. He was honored with the Paul Harrison award in 2004 for lifetime work of medical care in the service of humanity. This is an award given annually by the Christian Medical College, Vellore to one of its alumni. She was of an opinion that there are very few doctors in the country, who practiced among the poor and the disadvantaged of the country, Dr. Binayak was one such man. She further said that his arrest would demoralize younger generation to go for social cause and help India shining.

Sapanpreet argued that Dr. Sen’s imprisonment has not affected anyone in power. But the sentencing of a film star for being in illegal possession of an AK -56 distrubed some of our politicians who felt compelled to stand by him and his family. Dr. Sen’s ‘crime’ seems to be the fact that none of his family members has occupied any high post in any government. His plight is hardly an issue for our ministers.
Daljeet Kaur said that she is hopeful of Dr. Biniyak Sen’s release as Dr Sen's arrest has been joined by other prominent personalities such as 20 Nobel Prize winner including Amartya Sen, Magsaysay Prize winner Aruna Roy, Booker Prize winner Arundathi Roy, retired Chief Justice Rajindar Sachar of the Delhi High Court, film maker Shyam Benegal and many eminent medical professors and scientists in India.

Students of the campus along with the Principal Dr. Madhu Prashar, Ambuj Sharma, S.S. Sandhu, Namrata Gupta, Palwinder Singh staged their protest to release Dr. Biniyak Sen