Friday, August 27, 2010

Exploring Peace in Kashmir Amidst Violence: Myths and Realities

Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society: A Students Discussion Forum organized a seminar on the theme ‘Exploring Peace in Kashmir Amidst Violence: Myths and Realities’
In the seminar Amandeep, Amritpal, Mandeep and Amritpal students of B.A. first year presented detailed researched papers on the history, issues and problems of Kashmir. They expressed their concern on the recent violence in Kashmir with over four hundred students of the college and appealed for peace in the valley.
Amandeep and Amritpal breaking the ice of Kashmir issue informed the participants that that the dispute of Kashmir is not just only an issue of terrorism but it is a political issue which needs to be sorted out through dialogue. Amandeep while expressing concern over violence in Kashmir said that despite democratic elections in the last twenty years and presence of army in Kashmir, violence has not receded. She said that strict laws like Armed Forces Special Power Acts are imposed in Kashmir which has also resulted in the violation of human rights in Kashmir.
In the second session Mandeep and Pradeep while expressing concern for the children and students in Kashmir, Said that “in the noise of guns, suspicion and fear the fate of the children of Kashmir are at deep crisis. Pradeep appealed for a democratic dialogue between the political parties, fraction groups and central government to find road to peace in Kashmir, so that, the young generation may live without fear and dignity. Among others who addressed on the issue were Rashpinder Singh, Kuldeep Singh, Joginder Singh from Punjabi Department and Ambuj Sharma from Department of Philosophy. Many important questions were asked by Amandeep, Pushpinder, Bhawana and Randhir in the seminar.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop Honour Killings: End Violence Against Women Justified in the Name of Caste, Culture, Religion and Tradition

Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society: A Students Discussion Forum organized a protest and seminar on the theme ‘Stop Honour Killing. The session was presided by Mr. M.R. Manchanda, Secretary of the Managing Committee and Chaired by College principal Dr. Madhu Prashar.
In the seminar Amandeep, Prabhpreet, Ramanveer and Amrit outwardly criticized the honour killings being done in Punjab. They said that women are largely being victims of honour killings for choosing a life partner of their own choice. Despite cases being reported State; police is silent on the issue.
Prabhpreet and Amrit condemned the incidents of honour killing and demanded strict punishments for the guilty. They said that Religions and historical figures alike have condemned caste inequalities but still couples are being murdered in the name of caste honour.
Amandeep while giving an account of the recent death of a 25 year old, Dr. Shama Shukla, Student of Department of Punjabi, Panjab University, under mysterious circumstances at her house near Chamkaur Sahib, said that “it is a result of honour killing. Dr. Shama’s friend and teachers at university are suspecting it to be a case of honour killing as she was in relation ship with a boy of lower caste”. Ramanveer informed that her suspicious death has already led a massive protest by the students of Panjab University which has been reported to Punjab Human Rights Commission to investigate the case.
Dr. Shama’s death has led to organize the seminar and protest against honour killing at Dev Samaj College for Women. Around four hundred students with the college principal Dr. Madhu Prashar and Philosophy teacher Dr. Ambuj Sharma raised slogans against honour killings and Justice for Dr. Shama Shukla.
Principal Dr. Madhu Prashar emphasized the need of a democratic dialogue between parents and children on issues related to everyday life for a better understanding.

A Discourse on the Nature of Philosophy (24 July, 2010)