Thursday, February 19, 2009

Know Thy Self

Department of Philsophy, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur organized a seminar on the theme “Know –Thy- Self” in the college campus, in which Principal Dr. Madhu Prashar shared her views on human existence with around four hundred students of the department and other faculty members of the college.
In the first session Ambuj Sharma of the department informed the participants about the nature of philosophy. He said “Philosophy has always raised questions related to human existence such as who am I? What is the purpose of life? Is there life after death? What is reality? The main aim behind these questions is to expand the horizon of men’s thinking to larger issues of life.
In the second session Dr. Madhu Prashar in her presentation focused on the need to re-look and re-think the human life and its different aspects in a more philosophical way. She said “human life is full of wonders. Right from Socrates to Plato, Aristotle and contemporary philosophers such as Gandhi, Daya Krishna, Tagore, Marx and Foucault, every one has tried to uncover the reality in different manners. Some had projected socialism some humanism and some spiritualism but it is the individual effort of an individual which can make them understand the significance of life and its form. She also spoke on the Vedatic and the philosophy of Dev Samaj where she placed the concept of altruism as the highest value of life. She said that bodily pleasures are transient unlike body but higher thoughts like altruism can certainly lead to contentment and peace among individuals in the society.
On the occasion Dr. Sudesh Goel and Dr. Suman Sharma of Sanskrit Department also shared their thoughts.
In the last session students raised significant question to life, fear, death and grief. Amandeep Kaur , Vice Head Girl of the college and Prabhdeep Kaur, president Philosophical Society gave the vote of thanks. The session was actively chaired by M. R. Manchanda, Secretary, Managing Committee of the college.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

National Seminar-Cum- Workshop "Philosophy And Living Traditions" 10th February,2009

Philosophy that has attracted a great interest among the border region students of ferozepur, today knocked the door of Panjab University. The group of more than seventy students from Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, with their philosophy teacher Ambuj Sharma, actively participated in the one day National Seminar-Cum-Workshop on the theme, “Philosophy and Living Traditions” in the campus.

The Seminar was organized by Department of Philosophy, Panjab University in collaboration with Department of Philosophy, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City. Philosophy seems to have gained great popularity at ferozepur, as the college has a record number of around four hundred students, who are pursuing course in philosophy, at undergraduate level.

In the first session Dr. V. T. Sebastian, Chairman, Department of philosophy extended a warm welcome to all the participants. He said that “Philosophy is an excellent course for training in reading, writing and analytical skills. He appreciated and shared his views on the history of western philosophy.

Prof. Veena Kapoor and Geeta Manaktala spoke about the nature of ethics and culture. Prof. Geeta said that people usually follow the code of ethics but it is important to know about the development of morality. One has to raise questions like who laid these principles and are these principles homogenous in their character.

In the second session Dr. Sah spoke on the relevance of philosophy and human existence he said that philosophy is a basic field of inquiry. Its range encompasses ideas and issues in every domain of human experience. The study of philosophy can profoundly affect both the thinking one does and the kind of person one is.

In the third session Sakshi Dawinderpreet, Amandeep and Impinderjeet of Dev Samaj College highlighted the issues of social Philosophy. Amandeep said that “philosophy deals with a wide range of questions and issues generated by various aspects of human experience.. By the breadth of its concerns, the study of philosophy provides a unique opportunity for students to examine their beliefs in many areas through critical reflection.”she said that a course on philosophy should be made compulsory in all graduate course, in the country.

In the last session Prof. Akshaya Kumar of Department of English shared his insights on “Living Tradition” with the participants. His presentation raised important questions and understanding to what do we mean by tradition and how philosophy as a methodology can help in reasoning the human existence. He appreciated the questions of the participants and said that an understanding in philosophy is a must to study literature.

Ambuj Sharma gave the vote of thanks and informed about the activities of the Philosophical Society at ferozepur, since its formation in the year 2002. He said that discourse and dialogue is very essential for better understanding of concepts

The students also visited the Punjab and Haryana High Court where Advocate Rajeev Godara and Advocate Divya Godara briefed them about the working of the High Court. They informed the young minds about the significance and role of Law in strenghtening democracy and also inspired them to take carrier in Law.

It is imporant to note that Ramandeep Kaur of Department of English, Parminder Kaur of Department of Punjabi, Sukhvir Kaur and Veerpal Kaur of Department of Political science, Panjab University Campus, worked really hard to make necessary arrangements, to organize the Seminar.

Philosophy in the Times of War Democracy and Globalization 6th February, 2009

Department of Philosophy, Dev Samaj College for Women organized the National Periodical Lecture Cum Seminar on the theme “Philosophy in the Times of War Democracy and Globalization”, sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi, on 6th February, 2009, in the college campus.
Dr Bhagat Oinam, Associate Professor, Centre for Philosophy, Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi shared their views and insights with the faculty members and around 400 students of the department. The seminar raised issues which are responsible for war situation and conflicts in the world today. The speakers widely discussed globalization and its impact on the society.
In the first session Dr. Madhu Prashar raised the need of philosophical thinking in handling issues in everyday life she said that philosophical approach is about critically evaluating things and events and just not be a passive recipient to what ever is happening around you.
Dr Bhagat in his address focused on the necessity to understand the issues which results into conflict in the society. Commenting on Indo-Pak relations, he said, if both the countries take constructive steps, through mutual dialogue, than a lot of blood shed can be averted. Unfortunately state stands for national security and fear that generates more problems. He said that democracy has become a sandwich between war and globalization. Both war and globalization are hegemonic where as democracy is more pluralistic. He further added the both the states have still not forgotten the pain of partitions, so there should be mutual dialogue for peace.
Among other who addressed the seminar were Dawinderpreet, Sakshi, Ambuj, Kuldeep Singh, Rashpinder Singh, Manish Bansal, C.L. Arora , Harmeet Kaur and Suresh. The session was chaired by Mr. M. R. Manchanda, Secretary, Managing Committee of the college.