Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daya Krishna Memorial Lecture on the Theme ‘Modernity, Post Modernism and Science’

Department of Philosophy and Chemistry of Dev Samaj College for Women organized Prof. Daya Krishna Memorial Lecture on the Theme ‘Modernity, Post Modernism and Science’ Eminent scientist of the country, Prof. Harjinder Singh ‘Laltu’ from Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, IIIT Hyderabad, delivered the lecture.
Prof. Harjinder said that, the concept of modernity can be equated with the scientific inventions of the eighteenth century; He said that no doubt science has added to new discoveries but it has also created doors for the destruction of the humanity. In reply to a question on Nuclear Power and Nationalism, he said that, to boost India as a nuclear power nation is a mistake as these weapons are of mass destruction and are threat to the humanity.
He further said that Post modernism is a way of looking at issues with more critical rationality and autonomy. It gives space to holism and questions the reductionism of science. Laltu’s presentation was observed as a bridge between Social Sciences, Sciences and literature towards achieving the goal of education that is social development and human dignity and concerns. Many significant questions were asked by Harpriya, Anjum, Pushpinderjeet, Rupinder, Karamjeet, Babbal, Sakshi, Kanika, C. L. Arora, and many others.
The session was presided by college Managing Secretary, M.R. Manchanda and was chaired by college principal, Dr. Madhu Prashar. Ambuj Sharma of Department of Philosophy gave the vote of thanks.

Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society also organized a Poetry session in which Prof. Harjinder Singh Laltu recited some of his poetry with a number of students of the campus. It was an interesting session in which Laltu shared his views on the nature of poetry.

Prof. Harjinder Singh Laltu also screened Two Iranian movies, i.e., Off Side (2006) directed Jafar Panahi and The Day I Became A Woman(2000); directed by Marziyeh Meshkini, Which was followed by a discussion.

Relevance of Hind Swaraj in the Era of Technology’

‘Relevance of Hind Swaraj in the Era of Technology’

Ambuj Sharma of Department of Philosophy participated and presented a paper on ‘Relevance of Hind Swaraj in the Era of Technology’ in the National Seminar on Relevance of Philosophy in the Era of Science and Technology
organized by Department of Philosophy, Panjab University, Chandigarh on 11-12, 2010.
Ambuj in his presentation said that “In the times when globalization and technology are being used as indicators of development modernity and change, Gandhi’s reading of Hind Swaraj offers a constructive, critical and creative response.” He tried to bring the debates of Gandhian critique of technology and its various forms.
His paper explored the concept of technology, its role and impact on the Indian society through Gandhi’s canons. He argued the concept of development associated with the advancement of technology and said that technology is resulting in a new slavery of commodities and market. He also critically analyzed the state of higher education and the impact of technology on it.
Ambuj also shared his views with Prof. Yashpal, the Chancellor of JawaharLal Nehru University and briefed him about the discussion on Yashpal’s Report on Higher Education, organized by Critique Ferozepur Chapter and Philosophical Society at Ferozepur. He also asked Yash pal to take the issue of the current contractual teaching posts for secondary school teachers by the Punjab Government.
He said that the government has introduced posts on contract basis on a low salary and that too for three long years. He furthers said that the vision of Higher Education looks dark if at the root level teachers are being paid so less. He also informed the issues to Prof. Bhuvan Chandel, Member Secretary, Centre for Studies in Civilization and Prof. Apporvanand of Hindi Department of Delhi University.